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01:47 AM Sylpheed Feature #110: autotools make-up
Also, this will implicitely solve feature #109.
01:44 AM Sylpheed Bug #101: Clicking system tray icon does not display Sylpheed on all virtual desktops
It is not the first desktop: Sylpheed will be raised only in the desktop where it has been started. This is strictly ...
11:39 PM Sylpheed Feature #110: autotools make-up
The above should be read as:
> In any case I split the make-up in two stages: fill free to use them in the way you p...
11:35 PM Sylpheed Feature #110 (New): autotools make-up
I had to update to be able to build sylpheed on my system (latest autotools: autoconf 2.69, automake 1.1...

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