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5 5
LangString attachment_tool_plugin ${LANG_ENGLISH} "attachment_tool"
6 6
LangString desktop_shortcut ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Shortcut for Desktop"
7 7
LangString quick_shortcut ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Shortcut for Quick Launch"
LangString handler ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Register as mailto: protocol handler"
LangString handler ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Register associations"
9 9
LangString sylpheed_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Sylpheed itself"
10 10
LangString plugins_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Plug-ins for Sylpheed"
11 11
LangString sylpheed_pro_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Sylpheed Pro Full-text Search Plug-in"
14 14
LangString bsfilter_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "bsfilter bayesian spam filter"
15 15
LangString desktop_shortcut_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Create shortcut for Desktop (current user only)"
16 16
LangString quick_shortcut_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Create shortcut for Quick Launch (current user only)"
LangString handler_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Start Sylpheed when the link of mailto: \
 is clicked by an Web browser etc."
LangString handler_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Start Sylpheed when a mailto: link \
 is clicked on Web browser etc., or an eml file is opened"
19 19
LangString un_sylpheed_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Sylpheed itself"
20 20
LangString un_plugins_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Plug-ins for Sylpheed"
21 21
LangString un_sylpheed_pro_description ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Sylpheed Pro Full-text Search Plug-in"

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