From 02/26/2015 to 03/27/2015


01:08 PM Bug #231 (New): New message notification always uses plural
When a new message is received, a notification "1 new messages" is given. The correct statement should be "1 new mess... Riley Baird


04:43 AM Bug #230: Predefined Subject field per folder.
> Isn't the correct one COMPOSE_ENTRY_SUBJECT ?
Yes, that is correct... I noticed this only yesterday, as it only ...
John Coppens
10:41 AM Bug #230: Predefined Subject field per folder.
Thanks for the patch.
I have briefly checked it....
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


02:19 PM Bug #230: Predefined Subject field per folder.
I attached a patch which adds the possibility of predefined Subject fields per folder. It can be applied to the curre... John Coppens


02:28 AM Bug #230 (New): Predefined Subject field per folder.
Currently, it's possible to define To:, Cc:, Bcc: fields per folder. Some mailing list have subforums (eg. piclist) w... John Coppens


07:22 AM Bug #229 (New): Color label from filtering not saved for IMAP accounts
When applying a color label to a message on an IMAP account via a mail filter, the message color is set temporarily w... Marcel Arndt


06:19 PM Bug #228 (New): Not
I found that "Threaded view" (enabled with Ctrl+T) in Sylpheed does not applied to all messages in thread. I use Sylp... Alex S

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