From 01/29/2014 to 02/27/2014


11:43 PM Feature #144 (Confirmed): show the embedded images in an HTML content
Hi, Sylpheed currently doesn't support embedded images in an HTML content, but there is an unofficial plugin to rende... Kentaro Hayashi
11:29 PM Feature #6 (Confirmed): spell checking in windows
I've tried to use spell checking on Windows before, at that time, it works well with GtkSpell but it need some more w... Kentaro Hayashi
11:15 PM Feature #109 (Resolved): Enable aarch64 support
Related files had been updated, so it seems already fixed in upstream. Kentaro Hayashi
11:11 PM Support #36 (Resolved): How to change language?
It seems that this issue is already resolved. Kentaro Hayashi
11:02 PM Bug #33 (Confirmed): Systray Context Menu Remains Open
I've confirmed this issue is also reproducible on Windows 7.
* Sylpheed 3.1.4
* Sylpheed 3.2.0
* Sylpheed 3.3.0
Kentaro Hayashi
09:38 PM Bug #84 (Feedback): Cannot read sent mail created by Roundcube
I've checked whether this issue is reproduced on local inbox.
* Sylpheed 3.2 (Ubuntu12.04 LTS) not reproduced
* S...
Kentaro Hayashi
07:58 PM Feature #14 (Pending): Sylpheedにバンドルされているライブラリのバージョン(Glib)を更新して欲しい
Kentaro Hayashi


03:59 AM Bug #167 (Closed): Sylpheed does not check SSL certificate hostname
When Sylpheed connects to an IMAP/SMTP/POP server over SSL, it does not check the hostname on the SSL certificate. T... Andrew Ayer


06:20 AM Bug #165: Layout: Column width/resize issue in folder contents view
Sorry, I made a mistake in my description.
Step 2: "... dragging the border between "date" and "size" to the -left...
Georg Schmalhofer
06:13 AM Bug #165 (Resolved): Layout: Column width/resize issue in folder contents view
I believe that this issue is similar to Bug #160.
Screenshot #1:
When starting Sylpheed with a fresh profile, it ...
Georg Schmalhofer
06:15 AM Bug #166 (Resolved): Layout: Overflow in account creation window
In steps 3 and 4 of the account creation process an overflow occurs.
Please find screenshots attached.
Georg Schmalhofer


05:27 AM Feature #89: Change icon for HTML mail and other mail with attachments at summaryview
X. W. wrote:
> Hello,
> i just upgraded from Sylpheed 3.3.0 Win32 to Sylpheed 3.4beta7 Win32 and noticed the ne...
D Sciurus

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