From 09/29/2013 to 10/28/2013


08:43 PM Bug #117: Update autotools files for new architectures
Seems arm64 port is progressing, and now this has been filed as a Debian bug:
Ricardo Mones
06:46 PM Revision 3291: updated NEWS.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:46 PM Revision 3290: updated ru.po and eu.po.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


06:16 PM Revision 3289: fixed empty toolbar icons.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


12:04 AM Feature #124: GTK+ update for Windows?
> Hello,
> I also want to update GTK+ included in the Windows version to the latest 2.x version,
> but there is...
X. W.


07:07 AM Feature #132 (Closed): Updated Russian .po file
I update and clarify Russian translation, .po file attached. About 20 users did not find any problems with ...
Igor Nedoboy
06:16 PM Revision 3288: made the rest of toolbar icons themeable.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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