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04:28 PM Revision 3272: fixed the parse failure of STATUS response if a folder name contains brackets (syl...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


11:16 PM Feature #124: GTK+ update for Windows?
sorry, a typo in the first post.
Actually 2.24.20 is the latest GTK+ 2 version, not 2.24.10.
X. W.
10:18 PM Feature #124 (Closed): GTK+ update for Windows?
Dear Mr. Yamamoto,
Sylpheed 3.3.0 for Windows still is utilizing GTK+ 2.10.14.
GTK+ 2.10.14 is very outdated an...
X. W.
10:35 PM Feature #126: Sylpheed Ubuntu Unity launcher integration?
how to edit a post?
It should be "Sylpheed" in the title, not "Sylpeed"...
Unfortunately can't find an ...
X. W.
10:26 PM Feature #126 (Closed): Sylpheed Ubuntu Unity launcher integration?
Dear Mr. Yamamoto,
could you please integrate Sylpheed into the Ubuntu Unity launcher like it has been done for Th...
X. W.
10:20 PM Feature #125 (New): Official Sylpheed PPA for Ubuntu?
Dear Mr. Yamamoto,
would there be any chance you could make an official Sylpheed PPA for Ubuntu?
X. W.
10:07 PM Feature #123 (In Progress): Port to GTK+ 3?
Dear Mr. Yamamoto,
the initial version of GTK+ 3 already has been released more than two years ago. But Sylpheed s...
X. W.


11:23 PM Feature #122 (New): Address to password dialog's title
I use KeepassX for handling passwords. It can be configured to supply user name and password by a keyboard shortcut. ... Kalle Heikola
11:47 AM Bug #121 (New): Subjectの表示で文字化けが発生する。
Subject: =?utf-8?B?5Ye65YW45Yi25L2c5LqM6Kqy5qWt5YuZ44...
Takafumi Matsuo
11:41 AM Bug #120 (Closed): HTMLメールを解釈してテキスト表示した時のハイパーリンクをクリックしてもリンク先が表示されず、エラー表示になる。
Takafumi Matsuo

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