From 06/26/2012 to 07/25/2012


06:27 PM Revision 3137: updated ChangeLog.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:25 PM Revision 3136: updated po files.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:22 PM Revision 3135: prefs_common_dialog.c: fixed description.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
06:19 PM Revision 3134: improved the new attachmemts interface.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
11:38 AM Bug #13: System Icon issue when ran on Windows 7
I have no experience in programming. I just searched Google for info regarding how Windows 7 deals with system tray i... Bryan Kirk
11:30 AM Bug #13: System Icon issue when ran on Windows 7
I've been using Sylpheed for more than 2 years now. It's very responsive, the design is simplistic, and backing up em... blueskyy blue


02:42 PM Feature #82 (New): Mail filtering when opening a folder
[sylpheed:34348] Mail filtering when opening a folder
Apply the filtering rules to new messages in an IMAP folder...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


11:13 AM Feature #81 (Closed): 選択したメッセージのみエクスポートする機能
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


12:59 AM Feature #80 (New): caldav and carddav support
hi there,
would love if sylpheed would be support the two protocols in future.
carddav to share email address and...
Michael Domann


06:30 PM Bug #79 (New): gpgme on 64bit windows fails to find gpg
This is really a bug in gpgme but a quick search did not turn up a bug reporting place for them; kindly forward upstr... b ounce


02:46 PM Revision 3132: updated automake files.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


01:38 AM Feature #78 (New): auto-apply new message default template
It is not possible to define some default template for every new message which I compose.
This is a bit boring to cl...
Ivan Baidakou
10:04 PM Bug #75: Rendering probles in 3.2 beta
oops, sorry, audacity is not GTK, it's WxWidgets :) Gyll .
10:03 PM Bug #75: Rendering probles in 3.2 beta
Oh, forgot to mention: the video driver is up-to-date, and Sylpheed is the only program that causes these kinds of pr... Gyll .
10:01 PM Bug #75: Rendering probles in 3.2 beta
As you could see in my screenshots, i was not using a WinXP-specific theme (i was using the "Windows classic" display... Gyll .
03:04 PM Revision 3131: imap_cmd_fetch_func(): made response parser more robust (fixes [sylpheed:35306] ca...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


03:36 PM Feature #77 (Closed): Do not classify message as junk if sender is in the address book
Add an option to the junk filter setting: "Do not classify message as junk if sender is in the address book".
This w...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


11:02 AM Feature #76 (New): ヘルプメニューの改良
現在のヘルプメニューの構成は以下のようになっている。... Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:51 AM Bug #15 (Closed): Task icon balloon notification for new messages
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:48 AM Bug #70 (In Progress): Properties window for an attachment is not given priority
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:46 AM Bug #74 (Closed): Default build from source breaks at the link stage
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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