From 02/24/2012 to 03/24/2012


05:46 AM Bug #13: System Icon issue when ran on Windows 7
Any luck with fixing this issue? Bryan Kirk


08:11 AM Support #36: How to change language?
So? Andriy Ile
07:12 PM Feature #35: Formatted text of mails
Sorry, I forgot to mention my Sylpheed version:
3.2.0beta3 on Ubuntu 11.10
Georg Schmalhofer
07:10 PM Feature #35: Formatted text of mails
I can confirm problems with HTML mail display in Sylpheed.
As a test I wrote a rich-text e-mail in the Yah...
Georg Schmalhofer
10:33 AM Revision 3028: imap.c: relaxed the response check of AUTHENTICATE and APPEND.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:15 AM Revision 3027: made 3.2beta6 release.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


05:57 PM Feature #10 (Closed): メールの受信開始/終了のシグナルを発行して欲しい
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:57 PM Feature #30 (Closed): 設定画面表示時にシグナルを発行する
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:56 PM Feature #19 (Closed): クエリ検索の経過日数の指定のデフォルトを「次より短い」にしてほしい
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:55 PM Feature #11 (Closed): IMAPのimap_add_msgなどでもadd-msgシグナルを発行して欲しい
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:54 PM Bug #32 (Closed): NNTP group list fetching doesn't use proxy
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:51 PM Bug #42 (Closed): -l flags wrongly ordered
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:51 PM Bug #39 (Closed): Messages downloaded via "Get" from "Remote mail" window are not filtered
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:49 PM Bug #49 (Closed): IMAP: Do not proceed with scheduled mail check until current operation completes.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:27 AM Revision 3025: updated nsis/sylpheed-defs.nsh
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


04:56 PM Revision 3024: made 3.2.0beta6 release.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


05:36 PM Support #34 (Closed): How to delete standart mail box (MH)?
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


05:27 PM Bug #52 (Closed): Address autocomplete: Not possible to select drop-down list element with arrow ...
I observed this issue only on Linux (3.2.0beta3 / Ubuntu 11.10). In Sylpheed 3.2.0beta5 on Windows 7 this issue does ... Georg Schmalhofer
05:19 PM Bug #51: Autocomplete when entering addresses
I think that my second suggestion how this issue might be fixed was not precise enough.
Alternative solut...
Georg Schmalhofer
03:15 PM Bug #51 (Closed): Autocomplete when entering addresses
The autocomplete function seems to find matches only if e-mail address or name *begin* with the search string.
Georg Schmalhofer

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