From 11/07/2011 to 12/06/2011


10:38 AM Bug #1 (Closed): Test
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:37 AM Feature #3 (Closed): Vキーで変化した列幅が保存されてしまわないようにする
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


06:06 PM Revision 2987: made 3.2beta4 release.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
04:20 PM Revision 2986: updated nsis/sylpheed-defs.nsh.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
03:39 PM Revision 2985: sylfilter command was added as a preset of junk filter program.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


11:53 PM Feature #6 (Confirmed): spell checking in windows
The lack of the ability to spell check on windows is a *major* problem for those of us who can't spell.
I've been ...
Bruce Bowler


05:44 PM Feature #5 (In Progress): チケットのカテゴリ登録欄が欲しい
Kentaro HAYASHI wrote:
> 本体/プラグイン/etc...などとチケットのカテゴリ欄があると良いかもと思いました。
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:18 PM Feature #2 (In Progress): Download attachments on demand
I suppose you mentions IMAP messages.
I will add an option to download only text part and a feature to download atta...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


02:32 AM Feature #5 (Closed): チケットのカテゴリ登録欄が欲しい
Kentaro Hayashi
04:31 PM Bug #1 (In Progress): Test
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
04:30 PM Feature #3 (Resolved): Vキーで変化した列幅が保存されてしまわないようにする
svn trunkで、以下の変更を行いました。
* 終了時にメッセージビューが非表示の場合サマリビューの列幅を保存しない
* 起動時に必ずメッセージビューを表示するようにする
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
04:27 PM Support #4 (In Progress): make a support request
RIch Coe wrote:
> Cannot close opened issue ...
Changing status seems to require an authority of project.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:23 AM Support #4: make a support request
Cannot close opened issue ...
RIch Coe
10:21 AM Support #4: make a support request
This is a update RIch Coe
10:20 AM Support #4 (Closed): make a support request
make a support request, not a bug or feature RIch Coe
04:22 PM Revision 2984: fixed startup summary/message view size on vertical-view mode.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


11:06 AM Feature #3: Vキーで変化した列幅が保存されてしまわないようにする
Tamotsu Takahashi wrote:
> に対して
> http://ww...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


08:54 PM Feature #3 (Closed): Vキーで変化した列幅が保存されてしまわないようにする
Tamotsu Takahashi
07:54 PM Feature #2 (In Progress): Download attachments on demand
Below follows actually the quote of my message to Sylpheed mailing list which hasn't ever got any respons...
Vladimir Smolyar
05:58 PM Bug #1: Test
Assigned to Hiro. Redmine Admin
05:45 PM Bug #1: Test
Yep, seems a test issue!
Let's test attachments.
Ricardo Mones
03:56 PM Bug #1 (Closed): Test
This is a test issue.
Foo bar
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


06:21 PM Revision 2983: updated zh_TW.po and ro.po.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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