From 09/02/2014 to 10/01/2014


12:35 AM Bug #221 (New): Columns New, Unread and Total not static
It is very hard, impossible, to set the column with of the New, Unread and Total columns. The with can not be adjuste... fp 33Bt


06:56 AM Bug #220 (New): Russian .po update
10:41 AM Revision 3426: updated ChangeLog
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:39 AM Bug #84 (Resolved): Cannot read sent mail created by Roundcube
> I noticed that if the sent message source (as saved by Postfix and generated by k9mail/roundcube) doesn't end with ... Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:27 AM Revision 3425: fixed a bug that wrote the first part of data if an IMAP4 data didn't end with CR+LF.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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