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Edit received mail

Added by Gyll . about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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One of the very few things that i really miss in Sylpheed is the ability to EDIT A RECEIVED MAIL, i.e. to edit the content of an email that i receive in the inbox, and THEN store it in some folder for safe keeping.

E.g. i receive an email that contains an important message, together with some other stuff, and i'd like to delete the non-important stuff from the email (including for example some attachments) and THEN save it (and move it in some folder).

I found out that i can do this by copying a received email from the inbox to the DRAFTS folder, the open it from the drafts folder AND THEN I CAN EDIT IT (including removing or adding some new attachments); then i can save the edited email back in drafts, and then move it in a folder where i want to keep it.

Now my question is: is it very complicated to add a "Edit email body" menu item (e.g. to the "Tools" menu of the email window) such that i can edit the content of the email, and a "Save changes" menu which would save my modifications to the email (then, when pressing "Save changes", the email window can automatically revert to "View" mode)

This would be a VERY NICE to have feature...


#1 Updated by Mathias Steiger over 6 years ago

Full Ack.

Just make each and every message editable. I guess it is a 'feature' that you can't.

#2 Updated by Gyll . over 6 years ago

How long will it take you to add this super-simple feature??? This program is USELESS WITHOUT THIS FEATURE (because i found out that the method that i described above of moving the email into drafts, edit it there, and then save it into a folder, changes the sender to myself, so i lose the sender info).

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