Feature #313

[PATCH] implement POP3 CRAM-MD5 AUTH

Added by John Spencer 4 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:04/07/2019
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I've sent this patch to the mailing list, but my mail doesn't show up there. So I add this here for the public record.
It's also added in my distribution sabotage linux https://github.com/sabotage-linux/sabotage/blob/b2c36356fca0d38e30d6999d5ebaf461f75bf9c4/KEEP/sylpheed-pop3-cram-md5.patch .
Other distributions might want to add the patch as well in case it is not merged.

Dovecot support CRAM-MD5 auth for POP3, and my friend hosting my mail services refused to enable other less secure auth mechanisms just so that I could use sylpheed. so I've written the support myself. I dislike IMAP for several reasons, the major one being that the protocol is hugely complicated, so I prefer to use POP3 whenever possible.

Note that the support for rpop or "remote pop3" (which is an additional program-in-program which allows to read pop3 mails directly on the server without saving them locally), has not been written yet as it would require a substantial amount of code duplication.

sylpheed-pop3-cram-md5.patch Magnifier (15.1 KB) John Spencer, 04/07/2019 07:59 AM

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