Feature #305

check and correct email adresses in From and Replyto (name,prename <email@domain>)

Added by Ervin Peters 9 months ago.

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Problem description:
Some systems (MS) send a from adress in this form:

name,prename <email@domain>

though it should be something like

"name,prename" <email@domain>

When hitting reply the mail is copied to the new to.

When sending the comma seperates two mailadresses:

name and prename <email@domain>

and tries to send to both two adresses. Which usually results in an error from the smtp(s) service.

I'd like to suggest that sylpheed detects those malformed adresses and correct it by put the missing quotes around it.
Either on displaying the adress or on copying to the new mail.

Isn't that an idea to make life easier?



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