Bug #302

no possible key bindings for color labels (just color labels...) (at least on windows)

Added by XD1 FR 12 months ago.

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I'm a new sylpheed user (3.7.0), on windows. I'm falling in love with this mail app because it is fast and customisable.

Still, my main goal is to be efficient. I'm from thunderbird and I use color labels to set mails as todo, wait_more_info, done...
I absolutely need key shortcuts for that!

I found how to change key shortcuts with "gtk-can-change-accels = 1"

2 issues:
_ the main message menu doesn't show the "color label" submenu. this submenu only appears when I right click on the message title.
_ when I right click on the message title, I have a menu and I can set keyboard shortcuts, for example on "set flag", but NOT on any color.

I think this is mostly a bug on color label management, they should be managed like flag and read/unread status
in that case, this should be a quick fix and a huge improvement for sylpheed (well at least for the use I have)

2 improvements suggestions:
_ an improvement should be to have 9 colors, like in thunderbird
_ an event better improvement should be to have any number of colors, making possible the use of labels like in gmail. This would be then a killer feature.

Thanks for your help!
Best regards.

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