Bug #229

Color label from filtering not saved for IMAP accounts

Added by Marcel Arndt almost 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:03/03/2015
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Target version:3.4


When applying a color label to a message on an IMAP account via a mail filter, the message color is set temporarily within the current folder, but not stored permanently. Whenever you update the folder (by retrieving new messages, switching to another folder and then back, after restarting Sylpheed etc.), the color information is lost. This only holds for IMAP folders.

On setting the color label via the context menu, src/summaryview.c:summary_set_colorlabel() is called. Here, two actions are taken:
- MSG_SET_COLORLABEL_VALUE/summary_set_row (temporary color label for current folder)
- imap_msg_list_set_colorlabel_flags (permanently store color label)
On setting the color label via filtering, libsylph/filter.c:filter_action_exec() is called. Here, only one action is taken:
whereas imap_msg_list_set_colorlabel_flags is missing.

This looks like a bug to be. Can you please consider this issue?



#1 Updated by Valentin SecondName about 3 years ago

I second this - please fix this bug. I recently moved from Thunderbird to Sylpheed and I only miss one thing - the working color labeling mechanics :-)

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