Bug #199

Can only reply or forward e-mail with US-ASCII encoding with US-ASCII

Added by Byrial Jensen about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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When I reply to or forward an e-mail message which is sent to me with 7-bit US-ASCII encoding, the built-in editor in Sylpheed will not accept typing of any characters not in the US-ASCII character set. This is a major problem. My outgoing character encoding is set to UTF-8 in the preferences, so I expect to be able to use any characters in replies and forward messages.

Sylpheed version is 3.4.0beta7
OS is Linux (lubuntu 14.04)


#1 Updated by Byrial Jensen about 5 years ago

Sorry, I found out that the inability to type non-ASCII characters was caused by changing my locale settings for a test. Everythings worked fine when I changed back to a UTF-8 locale. Please close this report as invalid.

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