Bug #177

First mailbox does not remember collapse/expand setting

Added by X. W. over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Dear Sylpheed developer(s),

the first MH mailbox in Sylpheed (the one at the very top of the folder tree) does not remember it's collapse/expand setting.

When collapsing the mailbox and then closing and re-opening Sylpheed, the mailbox is expanded again.

But only the first mailbox is affected. The setting is remembered for any additional MH and IMAP mailbox though, just not for the first MH one.

Please do something about that, as it is highly annoying IMHO.

It would be much appreciated.



#1 Updated by X. W. over 5 years ago


Tested with Sylpheed 3.4.0beta8 Win32 on Win8.1 x64.


#2 Updated by X. W. over 5 years ago

Dear Sylpheed developer(s),

sorry, this bug can be closed.

The issue was caused due to "Configuration -> Common Preferences -> Details Tab -> Interface Subtab -> Open inbox on startup" being checked.

That's why the first mailbox always re-expanded itself upon starting Sylpheed, even though it was collapsed before Sylpheed was closed.

However, I am now wondering how to configure which inbox gets opened on startup, as the "Open inbox on startup" option alwayws opens the first MH mailbox.

I will open a new feature request for this.


#3 Updated by X. W. over 5 years ago

I added the feature request, see:



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