Feature #168

Please add support for desktop notifications to Sylpheed

Added by X. W. almost 5 years ago.

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Dear Sylpheed developers,

in Sylpheed 3.4beta2, a new notification window was introduced, i mean this one:


But I am wondering, why doesn't Sylpheed support desktop notifications (or does it?)?

With desktop notifications i mean what is described on the following page:


So, things like libnotify, Ubuntu NotifyOSD and so on...

I saw a tutorial which describes how to get a new mail notification by using the "Execute command when new messages arrived" option in Sylpheed:


But that's not really user friendly IMHO and I could imagine that this could be done better (i.e. implementing it natively in Sylpheed and maybe making it show more than just a simple "New mail" pop-up).

So, any chance you could add support for desktop notifications to Sylpheed?

It would be much appreciated.


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