Feature #155

Please add "Apply current view to other mail folders" option

Added by X. W. over 4 years ago.

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Dear Mr. Yamamoto,

when using the following settings for example:

Menubar -> View -> Thread view (Ctrl+T)
Menubar -> View -> Sort -> by...
Menubar -> View -> Sort -> Ascending/Descending

Sylpheed sets them for the current folder only.

So those settings have to be set for every single folder and for every new folder, even if a users wants to have the same settings for every folder and every new folder.

IMHO this gets annoying quickly.

So, could you please add an option to apply the current view to other mail folders?

Outlook 2010 for example has such an option ("Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders..."), see the following pictures for example:


It's a very nice option IMHO.

Could you please add it to Sylpheed?

It would be much appreciated.


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