Bug #117

Update autotools files for new architectures

Added by Ricardo Mones over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Target version:3.4


The 3.4.0~beta4-1 in Debian has got a new lintian error because of the somewhat old autotools helper files (config.guess and config.sub) used in Sylpheed sources. The problem is briefly explained in this page:


While this can be workarounded on the Debian side, it's preferably to update it on released tarball. That way everybody has the support for latest added architectures, not only Debian :)

Thanks in advance,


#1 Updated by Ricardo Mones about 4 years ago

Hi Hiroyuki,

I've noticed this in ChangeLog:


  • config.guess
    config.sub: updated to 2009-06-11 version.

Would be possible to use something more modern than 4-year old? :)

These files are still too old, and, for example, doesn't support newer architectures like the arm64 (https://wiki.debian.org/Arm64Port).

Thanks in advance,

#2 Updated by Ricardo Mones almost 4 years ago

Seems arm64 port is progressing, and now this has been filed as a Debian bug:



#3 Updated by Hiroyuki Yamamoto almost 4 years ago


I've updated config.guess and config.sub to the current latest version at r3292.


  • config.guess: updated to 2013-06-10 version (#117).
  • config.sub: updated to 2013-10-01 version (#117).

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