From 06/07/2015 to 07/06/2015


04:03 PM Sylpheed Bug #242 (New): [patch] provide fix for sigbus caused on ARM caused by unaligned access
The attached patch fixes a sigbus issue on ARM caused by unaligned access:
Further details are filed in the follow...
Emanuel Haupt


07:55 AM Sylpheed Feature #162: Please add new and nice looking flat icon set to Sylpheed
X. W. wrote:
> With Sylpheed 3.4beta6, the following was introduced:
> >
Charles Lehner
07:36 AM Sylpheed Bug #197: Notification window does not show subjects / senders
Here is a patch that gets message subjects and senders for messages in other than POP3 accounts, for showing in the n... Charles Lehner
06:40 AM Sylpheed Feature #241: XEmbed MIME viewer
Note: the EmbedView patch uses @procmime_get_multipart@ from #240 but can be changed to use @procmime_get_part@ inste... Charles Lehner
06:37 AM Sylpheed Feature #241 (New): XEmbed MIME viewer
Patch 1 changes the behavior of selecting text or HTML attachments. Currently in the attachments pane, the first text... Charles Lehner
05:40 AM Sylpheed Feature #240 (New): Rewrite URLs to inline images in HTML attachments
This adds to procmime a function for retrieving a MIME attachment and its associated multipart/related attachments, w... Charles Lehner


06:36 PM Sylpheed Feature #2: Download attachments on demand
I use Linux, and when I see a spam message with an .exe file, I know I have nothing to do with it. I would love to j... Genghis Khan
06:31 PM Sylpheed Bug #239 (New): Hebrew translation update
Updated Hebrew translation is at #224-4. Genghis Khan
06:14 PM Sylpheed Feature #224: Hebrew translation
That is to say, as long as there are license issues. I don't think I have read anything specific to Proxy settings i... Genghis Khan
05:47 PM Sylpheed Feature #224: Hebrew translation
I have made a comprehensive update that would fit to every day use.
In return, I request from the Sylpheed project...
Genghis Khan
06:03 PM Sylpheed Feature #203: Please make Sylpheed use the GTK+ / GNOME theme icons instead of using its own icons
See #225 Use overlay icons to get a native system (theme) integration Genghis Khan
06:01 PM Sylpheed Support #205: Please merge Sylpheed and Claws Mail (or: start contributing to Claws Mail instead ...
[Users] Why do some users prefer Sylpheed over Claws Mail ?!?
Paul claws at
Sun Jun 14 12:45:3...
Genghis Khan


05:26 AM Sylpheed Bug #238 (New): Updated Russian translation
All alt+letter hotkeys are moved to first letter of a first word in Russian, globally (even with collisions). Seems t... I N


12:34 AM Sylpheed Bug #237 (New): Drag and drop stops working
After some time - hours - drag-and-drop stops working in Sylpheed 3.4.2. I seem to have
reported this before (years ...
John Coppens


05:58 PM Sylpheed Bug #234 (Resolved): Fix some strings in pt_BR translation
Applied pt_BR.po at r3466. Thanks! Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:58 PM Sylpheed Bug #233 (Resolved): Russian .po file update
Applied at r3466. Thanks! Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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