From 08/20/2014 to 09/18/2014


07:57 PM Sylpheed Bug #219 (New): please update English manual
Just noticed that since some time ago only the Japanese manual is being updated in subversion.
Would be nice that ...
Ricardo Mones


04:28 AM Sylpheed Bug #106: Sent message not in the good folder
Have you tried to re-create the accounts? Vladimir Chebotarev
04:25 AM Sylpheed Feature #216: please support UI with Retina display for mac os.
I believe the priority should be 'Low'. Vladimir Chebotarev
04:23 AM Sylpheed Feature #218 (New): Save message to Sent button
Sometimes I get an alert that the message was sent but was not saved to Sent. There is no option to try to place it i... Vladimir Chebotarev
04:17 AM Sylpheed Feature #217 (New): Extend logic of 'Open message when cursor keys are pressed'
The logic of 'Open message when cursor keys are pressed' feature should include *Del* key, as it also doing navigatio... Vladimir Chebotarev

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