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From 06/04/2017 to 07/03/2017


07:05 PM Sylpheed Feature #187: Add xz release tarball
Background: notes that xz is also listed as first class archive format....
Kentaro Hayashi


12:07 AM Sylpheed Feature #126 (Closed): Sylpheed Ubuntu Unity launcher integration?
It's time to say good-by to Ubuntu Unity.
so I'll close this issue about merging Unity launcher integration patch in...
Kentaro Hayashi
12:01 AM Sylpheed Bug #278 (Resolved): Fix typo in sylpheed trunk r3568 (2017-07-01)
I've found some typos in current source code r3568.
* libsylph/folder.c
* src/gtkutils.c
* src/import.c
Kentaro Hayashi

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