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From 12/27/2012 to 01/25/2013


04:41 PM Sylpheed Bug #58 (Resolved): Current open mail marked as read when checking mail
> What happens:
> - Current message gets marked as read, the next unread message is displayed in the preview win...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
04:00 PM Sylpheed Bug #62 (Resolved): Sylfeed follows symlinks, going into infinite loops.
At r3197, the recursion level of local tree scan was limited up to 64.
(Note: on Linux, the recursion level of sym...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
01:39 PM Sylpheed Feature #21 (Resolved): 振り分けルール作成時に手動で入力したフォルダが存在するかどうかチェックしてほしい
> 振り分けルール作成時に、「次のアクションを実行:」にて、フォルダを設定できますが、フォルダ名をダイアログから選択しないで、手動で入力した場合に、
> ・入力したフォルダ名が存在しなければ
>  → 新たに作成しますか?...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
11:47 AM Sylpheed Feature #97: IMAP IDLE
IMAP IDLE support is frequently requested, and I also want to support it.
But it requires some re-design of the hand...
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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