From 10/06/2012 to 11/04/2012


03:56 PM Sylpheed Revision 3185: updated po files.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


02:32 PM Sylpheed Revision 3181: updated NEWS.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
01:46 PM Sylpheed Revision 3180: updated Japanese manual.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
01:26 PM Sylpheed Revision 3179: udpated README.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


05:05 PM Sylpheed Revision 3178: udpated NEWS.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
05:03 PM Sylpheed Revision 3177: fixed hyperlink when 'Show attached files first on message view' option was set.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


08:53 AM Sylpheed Feature #97 (New): IMAP IDLE
For ages, IMAP IDLE has been missing in Sylpheed.
I combed the internet for this and apparently it was bugreporte...
Mathias Steiger
08:28 AM Sylpheed Feature #56: Edit received mail
Full Ack.
Just make each and every message editable. I guess it is a 'feature' that you can't.
Mathias Steiger


04:57 PM Sylpheed Feature #96 (New): Opposite of hiding Message view

currently we can hide the message panel with
View > Show or hide > Message view
I'd like to be able to do the...
Frantz de Germain
02:25 PM Sylpheed Revision 3176: libsylph/imap.c: fixed MSVC compilation (thanks to Gisle Vanem).
Hiroyuki Yamamoto


01:13 PM Sylpheed Revision 3174: updated Windows registry entry file.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
11:53 AM Sylpheed Revision 3173: nsis/sylpheed.nsi: fixed a typo in writing registry.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
10:49 AM Sylpheed Revision 3172: removed includedir from include path in Makefiles.
Hiroyuki Yamamoto

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